What’s the first thing you do when you’re researching a big purchase? For most of us, it’s probably searching for online reviews to check out others’ first-hand experience with the product or service that you’re considering. Healthcare is no different! Your potential patients are on Google and Facebook right now looking for their next healthcare provider. Are you standing out from the crowd?


It can feel strange to “beg” your patients for reviews, but there’s no need to be afraid! If you’re consistently providing top-notch and highly personal service, most of your patients will be happy to sing your praises online. However, they’re not likely to do it if you don’t ask, so here are a few tips to get those five-star reviews rolling in!


Offer Something in Return

Reciprocity is important no matter your marketing goal. Even if they truly have been enjoying a service, people often fail to respond if there isn’t anything in it for them. There are always patients that are going to leave you a great review no matter what, but most people need a little prodding.


One effective way to add a little incentive is to offer a discount on your services or a freebie in exchange for a review. It can be something as simple as 20% off their next chiropractic adjustment or a coupon for a free 15-minute chair massage. One local veterinarian recently offered a free anal expression for your dog in exchange for a Google review. The options truly are endless!


The small upfront cost to you should pay dividends in the future when your next patients are choosing you over your competition due to your substantial online presence.


Send them an E-mail

Email is a great way to connect with your patients as well as making it easy for them to post their review right then and there. If you already send follow up emails or appointment reminders to your patients, it can be as simple as adding a sentence or two encouraging them to post their review.


In your email, it’s important to make sure that you’re including a direct link to where they should be leaving the review. The easiest way to do this is to search for your practice on Google or Facebook, click on “write a review” and then copy and paste that exact URL into your email. That way your patients will be taken directly to the review page when they click on the link. You want to make it as easy as possible for them and to remove any barriers that might keep them from posting.

Ask in Person

The more personal the message the better, and it can’t get any more personal than this! Asking your customers directly is one of the simplest things that you can do to get a shining review (although, not always easy!) According to the Harvard Business Review, asking for something face-to-face is 34x more successful than asking over email. Who wouldn’t want 34x more online reviews?


An added benefit to this is you can choose who you would like to ask more easily than if you were to ask over email or social media. If you have a memorable and positive interaction with a patient, you can be 100% certain they’ll award you with the full 5 stars.


Your employees can also help with this initiative! Make sure that you communicate how important reviews are for your practice to the whole team. When they have a good interaction with someone, it can be yet another touchpoint to ensure that your message is getting across.



In the digital age it’s so important to make sure that you have a presence across as many channels as possible. Google and Facebook are a good place to start, but once you get the ball rolling, consider branching out to other review sites such as Yelp or even websites specific to healthcare such as or


If you need assistance devising an effective plan for getting positive reviews, we would love to help! Contact us today to see how you can leverage the power of positive online reviews to get more new patients to your practice.